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About Yellowknife

The Yellowknife Ski Club offers 14 kilometers of meticulously groomed trails catering to skiers of all levels, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts. Each trail is designed for one-way skiing and provides ample width for both classic and skate techniques. Volunteers groom the trails twice weekly, ensuring optimal conditions for skiing. If you encounter these dedicated groomers on the trails, a heartfelt thank you is always appreciated!

Among the trails, the Snowflake trail stands out for its ease and accessibility, with most sections illuminated from dawn till dusk throughout the ski season. The lighting covers the majority of Snowflake and extends down to the Johnny T turn, offering a safe and enjoyable skiing experience after dark. For other trails, such as those mapped for touring, racing, and biathlon, skiing under the light of headlamps or the glow of a full moon adds an extra element of adventure, especially enjoyable with younger skiers.

Beyond the club's maintained trails, local guerrilla groomers have established an additional 50 kilometers of routes for the annual loppet, primarily on skiable lakes as long as the ice conditions are safe. These off-site routes expand the skiing opportunities within Yellowknife's beautiful winter landscape, providing diverse options for all levels of skiers to explore and enjoy.