Locals that love Steamboat

Scott Anfang has been living the winters in Steamboat for over 22 years and has his lifetime season pass for working for the resort for over 20 years. He is a snowboard instructor and trainer, former snowboard technical director and terrain park manager and has Steamboat imprinted on his heart. 

Why do you love Steamboat?

I love Steamboat because it is a real town and a real community that just happens to have an awesome ski resort.  If the ski resort was not there it would be a shame, yet it would not shut down the town, it would still be an amazing community to live.

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Favourite ski/board run and why?

Well this is a tough one as there are so many great places on the mountain, crossing runs and going from tree island to tree island on a powder day is sometimes my favorite because it is just not the traditional run. There are some awesome times to be had in Closets and Shadow area if you really need to name a run.

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Where do you go for coffee and why?

In town I go to Mountain Brew. There’s a cool vibe and good coffee. On the mountain Gondola Joe’s serves up good coffee amazingly close to the gondola, and you can stay warm and drink it on the way up in the gondola.

Best breakfast and why?

Freshie’s, between the town and the mountain. It is on your way no matter what direction you are heading. Diner style delicious fare.

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Photo: Freshies Steamboat

Best restaurant for kids and why?

Mazzola’s Italian downtown has an excellent kids’ menu – and great food for grown-ups, too – and staff gives kids balls of dough to play with at the table.  Slopeside up on the mountain also has outside seats on the snow and live music many days, and the Bear River Grill is lively and fun for all.

Best kids experience at Steamboat and why?

In Celebration of Kids is an entire mall for kids, shops, video games and a snack station. It’s a pretty awesome place to hang out and play with the little ones. If that is not your speed then the kids section at the library is really cool also.

Best on mountain dining?

Best lunch on the mountain is definitely Paramount and for dinner I’d say Café Diva.

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Photo: Cafe Diva

Where do you love to apres and why?

T-bar for the scene and The Gondola Pub and Grill to chill and talk with friends.

Best event of the season?

Powder Days!  You can’t beat free concerts at the base area.

Most romantic experience?

Sunset after skinning up the mountain, or the top of the run at night skiing, if skinning up is not your thing. 

Best non ski activity?

Strawberry Park Hot Springs, best non-ski activity to do after skiing. Soak in hot springs surrounded by snow covered hills. 

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Photo: Strawberry Park Hot Springs




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